How do I add a new page to my website?

The first page you will see once you login is the Dashboard.  You will always see this page first when logging in and to reach it again click the Dashboard link in the upper right of the page.

To add a page or edit a page on your website you will look down the right column for the section labeled pages

Select either Pages to edit or view all pages.

Select Add New to add a new page immediately.
If you select Pages you will be presented with a panel showing all of the current pages as well as the ability to edit, delete, or add new pages.

Once you are in the Pages Panel you can select a few options.  If you want to add a page, click the button near the top of the page marked Add New.  If you would like to edit a page click on the Name of the page and it will take you to the edit panel.

If you click Add New or Pages you will be presented with the standard content editing page.  On this page you can set the Page Title, Add/Change Content, and Update or Publish content.