How do I add or edit navigation items on my website?

If you would like to add or change items in your Menu or Navigation you can access this under Appearance > Menus on the left sidebar.

Once you have entered the Menus page you will be presented with a page that shows your current navigation items.  You can easily add, edit, or delete items on this page.

If you add a page to the Navigation Menu by selecting a page and clicking the button Add to Menu,  The item will now appear in the list with the other items in your Navigation.

Once you click Add to Menu the item will be added to the Navigation on the right.  Once it is in here you will want to click Save Menu to save your changes.  Once you click Save Menu the item will show up on your website.

To change the name of your Navigation item you will want to click on the arrow down on the right of the item.  From here you can rename or delete an item in your Navigation. 

Make sure to click Save Menu after making any changes to your Navigation menu.

To change the order of your Navigation items it is as simple as drag and dropping the item to change its order.