How do I run a great webinar marketing campaign?

Much of the world’s in-person activities have temporarily stopped, but that doesn’t mean that marketing must stop. So many people are stuck at home, and the demand for education and entertainment has skyrocketed – as have marketers’ opportunities to meet these demands.

Enter: Webinars. A webinar (an abbreviated name for web seminar) is a way to offer comprehensive, engaging online education that draws viewers to your brand, much like a blog post. What makes webinars unique is that they are community events that often allow for viewers to interact with one another and the hosts – and they boast pretty unparalleled engagement and lead generation.

According to GoToWebinar, the average webinar attendee’s time spent viewing is 61 minutes, which is usually the length of an entire presentation. When you consider that 50 percent of those who sign up for a webinar actually attend, it’s not hard to see why so many brands value webinars as an important lead generation tool that contributes to their marketing and sales strategy.

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