How do I set up my Office365 guest user access through OpenVPN?

In order to securely access Gate39 Media resources on our internal network, you may be provided access via an OpenVPN connection. This article covers how configure these connection settings.

Step 1:
Visit and select the Single Sign-On option below the Log In:

Step 2:

Enter guest user email for Microsoft Authentication. Guest will then need to verify with code sent to that email address. 

Step 3:
After successfully authenticating via Microsoft (using the seven digit, single-use code sent to your email), you will then be directed back to and instructed to download and install the OpenVPN Connect App. Here you will select your operating system to prompt the file download of the installation file.

*Opening the file should prompt a scary warning, however this file is safe!

Step 4:
Select OK and the OpenVPN Connect Setup Wizard will pop up:

Step 5:
Once set up is complete the browser can be closed and the app opened:

End Result:
You now have a secure connection to Gate 39’s internal network.