How do I update my DNS?

Domain Name Settings

Here is the process to update your DNS settings and making your new website live. In order to take advantage of our security settings, you'll need to make updates to your DNS records twice. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not comfortable making these settings, we can make them for you. Changing them incorrectly can disconnect your email and/or result in website downtime. 

  1. Point the “A name” and “www” records (ONLY) to the IP address provided.
  2. Double check you’ve set the IP address correctly!
  3. Let us know when this is updated. The website should be live in 2-48 hours across the internet.
  4. Once this is confirmed to be live and pointing properly, we will configure the firewall, and update the A name and www records again to the new IP address assigned to the website from Sucuri (firewall).
  5. Let us know when the final IP address is updated.
  6. The site is now secured, monitored and accessible via https!