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What is the Gate39 Media web hosting backup policy?

You can feel confident knowing that Gate 39 runs a process every night in order to backup your websites content and databases.

  • Each night during low traffic times, there is an encrypted, full backup of each site created on the server, possibly Plesk or Ubuntu.
For best security practice, backup files are then moved and stored "off-site":
  • Within 24 hours of completing the backup process, the backup files are then transferred to Amazon S3  standard storage. Backups are sorted into their own directory to ensure a separation of data and retained here for 30 days.
  • After 30 days, these backup files are moved from AWS S3 to AWS Infrequent Access. After 60 days, they are moved to Amazon S3 Glacier storage for long-term storage.

No matter the cause - natural disaster, human error or cyberattack - our backup solution ensures that we can restore your site quickly and efficiently in the event of catastrophe.