Why am I getting an unsuccessful social post error in HubSpot?

Several common errors that result in social posts not publishing successfully through HubSpot include:

  • Image rejected
    • Check that your post image is within the size limit and the size parameters recommended for the social network you're posting to.
    • Check the picture's file format is JPEG or PNG and that the image URL is still live.
  • Authorization failed
    • Ensure that your account is authorized for posting in HubSpot. To do this, connect the account again.
  • Third party network issue
    • Check that your image is valid and your account is authorized as per the above instructions. Once done, clone your social post and publish it again. 
  • Facebook rate limit
    • Facebook has a limit on their API. This can affect posting to your Facebook account through HubSpot. The best solution is to wait, as this limit adjusts over a 24-hour period.