How do I manage users on my website?

NOTE:  The images in this article may look different from your administration panel.  Don't worry the instructions still work just fine, everything may just have a slightly different look to it.


The User Management section will allow you to add, edit, and delete users from your website.  To access the user management section look for Users > Users on the left sidebar.

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Once you are in the User Management panel you can Add a new users at the top or manage users in the table.

If you click Add User or you decide to edit a user a panel will be displayed looking like this.  From this panel you can change information about the user and change their Role which is the amount of access they have to your website.  Never set the user role to Administrator unless you completely trust the user.  They will have full permissions to do anything.  Editor is a good role that allows a user to do most functions.