What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is the term for aspects of a website or email that change based on a website visitor’s profile data or history of interactions with a company.

To achieve dynamic content for your website or email campaigns you’ll need a set of core tools:

  • A Centralized Marketing Database - Your marketing database is the brain behind your dynamic content. It stores your contacts’ download and interaction history with your site.
  • Easily Editable Web Pages - A dynamic site has to be one that is easily editable. If you have to go through another department or a contractor, updating your site will always be a bottleneck.
  • A Smart Content Generator - Smart content is content that is informed by data and a set of rules. A smart content generator will show or hide content (blocks of images and text) based on your marketing database.
  • An Integrated Email System - Dynamic content doesn’t have to be relegated to your website alone. If your email system is tied into your contacts database, you can also add dynamic content in email sends.

Using dynamic content is an extension of that strategy to nurture leads with relevant calls-to-action and content as they progress through your site and marketing funnel.

The more you can create a relevant experience for website visitors that reflects their interests and past experiences on your site, the more likely they will be to click through and convert on landing pages.


Click here to learn more and download a PDF on How To Use Dynamic Content in Marketing.