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What should I name my assets in HubSpot?

Naming conventions can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your HubSpot portal organized and your reporting clear and transparent.

There is no "right way" to name emails, workflows, and landing pages per se. But there is certainly a "your way." Work with your team to decide on a naming convention that makes sense for your organization, document your decision, and ensure your team is trained on it. 

Here are some recommendations we have to get you started:

Landing Page = "LP: Landing Page Title"

Thank You Page = "TY: Thank You Page Title"

Blog Post: "BLOG: Blog Post Title"

Web Page: "WP: Web Page Title"

Thank You Email:"TY: Thank You Email Title"

PDF or File: "FILE: Asset Title" (used when a CTA is linking to a file)

For events or campaigns with specific dates, like webinars or tradeshows, we recommend adding the year and event type to the beginning of all relevant assets. You may also consider using initials for the event name to save space. Something like this:

"2022 WEBINAR: Inbound Invitation"


"2022 TRADESHOW: ABC Booth Announcement"