Why does your website need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate?

An SSL certificate is an important step in securing your website. At Gate 39 Media we use multiple SSL provider certificates based on your site's security needs.

An SSL is a digital certificate that provides authentication for your website and enables an encrypted (secure) connection.

The main function of an SSL is to encrypt sensitive information, provide authentication, and build trust with the visitors of your site. An SSL certificate is also required for any sites that accept credit card payments, per PCI Compliance.

How can you tell if there is an SSL certificate active on your website?

The best way to determine if your site is covered with an SSL is to look for the padlock in the URL bar of your browser.


What kind of SSL will you find on your site when hosting with Gate 39 Media?

At Gate 39 Media there are multiple SSLs that we may use for your site or portal, depending on the situation. AWS, Let's Encrypt, DigiCert and CloudFlare are all SSL certificates that may be used to protect your site.

Amazon Web Services - Most of our websites will use an AWS SSL certificate. These are configured within AWS and are automatically renewed annually.

Let's Encrypt - These are assigned to the domain through the server they are hosted on and are automatically renewed by Let's Encrypt every 90 days. Although Let's Encrypt certificates are as equally secure as AWS, we will generally use these for domain aliases and redirects.

Digicert - SSL certificates from Digicert are manually installed on the domain and need to be renewed annually.

Cloudflare - SSL certificates from Cloudflare may also be used under certain circumstances. These are maintained by CloudFlare.